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The Colours of Everyday Life

Posted on: 26 June 2008

Photo by Cyron.

Play is a colour-full activity.  It abounds with sparkles of delight and paintbrush strokes of joy.

In response to a comment on my blog, I once said that I really enjoy looking through flickr  to find pictures for my blog posts.   Since then I’ve started uploading my own photos onto flickr, sharing them with the world for others to enjoy.

Taking Photographs

Photo by rainey.

Taking photos is a great way to notice the everyday magic that is all around you.  Looking for shapes and colours, you begin to see the world you inhabit from day-to-day in a completely new way.

For me, the most exciting part of taking photos is editing them.  Cameras don’t always take the exact picture you wanted, and editing can help you bring out colours, give the photo a nostalgic feel, or choose exactly which parts of the photo you want to stay in the picture.

Playful Editing

I’ve learnt editing playfully – through trial and error.  Learning very basic editing techniques can completely transform a picture.

Editing also gives you the time to notice the extra special things in your photo that you may not have noticed when taking them – if you’ve got a spare moment, read the (very) short story behind the photograph at the top of this blog post.

For the amazing difference that a simple edit can make, look at the difference between these two photos taken by a friend of mine on flickr.

This is before editing:

And this is after editing:
Thanks to sunbeam daisy for giving me permission to use her photographs.

Just as extra colour can bring photos to life, extra colour can also bring a person to life, helping them to embrace the world in new ways and to feel more fully alive.

Taking photos has added colour and creativity to my everyday life.

Your Thoughts

How do you bring out the colour in your everyday life?

What’s colourful about your personality? Which aspects of your life would you like to make more colourful?

If you have a flickr account, or if you’re inspired to set one up and share your pictures with the world, please feel free to add me as a contact.


18 Responses to "The Colours of Everyday Life"

David, lovely post (duly stumbled) which celebrates the way taking photos can add colour to our lives – by getting us to notice the colour that’s already there.

I’ve been enjoying the creative benefits of this by taking more photos and sharing them with such friendly, generous people on flickr – including benefits for my writing.


Thanks Joanna – there is so much colour within every person’s life, and so often we miss it because of business or distractions. If only we had infinite time to embrace the world – yet if we did, I wonder if we would be more inclined to waste it.

I really liked this idea. Especially cool was the before after colorization. A good friend of mine is an animator and he does lots of colorizing his cartoons.

Great to see a post from you this morning. STUMBLED.

Really glad you enjoyed this post – I wanted to try something a bit different, so I’m happy that it worked out.

Colourising makes such a lot of difference, and it can be done with really simple tools, such as Google’s free Picasa.

Hey David, what a fab blog! I think it is great that you get so much enjoyment from your photos and the more I take them the more I have learned to appreciate things around me. I was also inspired by your question about what colours are in your personality and have written a blog on it. Thanks, keep up the great work!

What a lovely, thoughtful post, David!

I’m honoured you have chosen my images, thank you again for inspiring the extra colour!

I have found being a part of the lovely flickr community has filled my life with colour … it’s definitely my friends and family who paint my life with a rainbow, everyday!

I am so enjoying the playful aspect of photography and the lovely surprises. I love Cyron’s photograph! It’s beautiful. And how wonderful that the dinghy was a surprise on uploading … love how that happens!

Many thanks for your inspiration and encourangement on flickr, David!


Life is very colorful sometimes. I am glad to have lots of it everywhere around me – from just watching the sky to flowers bloom to going nutty picking out colors for website design 🙂

Hi David,

What a great post. Like you, I enjoy finding pictures on Flickr. When I hit that search button it’s always a surprise.

I enjoy the colors of nature. It’s amazing how, if we look closely, there are so many shades of the same color. Amazing!

That’s a brilliant blog post you’ve written! For anyone reading these comments I highly recommend it: A Colourful Personality.

I was really glad when you said I could use your pictures – I’ve been struggling for inspiration of late, and your pictures really inspired me. Life is wonderful when you can see the rainbows in the people around you.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be braver with the colours on this blog, but I think the photos make up for that!

The shades of nature always amaze me too… not only how many different shades there are, but how vibrant they are, and how many people (myself included) neglect to notice them most of the time.


I’m not a good photographer but I love pictures. I’ve learned that Russians are great photographers. No offense to anyone but they have knack to bring some incredible pictures to life. I’m often asked by lots of people about the pictures I use on my blog post. The secret is the I take time to look at these Russian sites with pictures. Rainbow pictures are my favs.


It’s amazing how colours never really show up properly in a photograph. I don’t know why this is the case but I’ve never really been much of a photo person myself because I don’t think they capture the true beauty and all the colours we see.

Your before and after photo is a case in point. I prefer the before photo myself because it seems more “real” to me. The after photo seems to bold even though it may capture the colours you saw more properly.

I bring colors to my day through watching nature scenes, I agree with you about the pleasure of looking for photos at flickr, I sometimes do that.

Another way of bringing colors is creating personal designs that reflects how I feel. Colors do a lot in bringing beauty to everything around us.

I think it’s just a function of my ignorance about photo editing (I’ll look into more after reading this!), but I always get a weird kick out of the fact that the real world always looks way better than my photos. I find it grounding–a reminder to step away from lens and look closer.

I love color-but the interplay is best. If I could surround myself with beautifully contrasted colors, I’d love it!

[…] social justice, n. the aim of playfulness sacred space, n. anywhere playful acts are committed sparkles, n. those little bits of magic that make life special.  Noticed and given away by exeptional […]

The picture of the city at nightis really amazing, great colors!! and the shadows on the river give a gerat effect…

Manny Ramirez’s last blog post..please update commentluv plugin

A thoughtful post with some very nice photography.


Rod Newbound, RN’s last blog post..please update commentluv plugin

Really nice photograph and pretty nice camera you got out there.
I see you have love for the nature 🙂


[…] social justice, n. the aim of playfulness sacred space, n. anywhere playful acts are committed sparkles, n. those little bits of magic that make life special.  Noticed and given away by exceptional […]

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