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A very special occasion

Posted on: 30 July 2008

Dear beplayful readers,

I am getting married this week to a beautiful lady called Siona.

After we’re married we’re going to be escaping the world for two weeks on our honeymoon, so I won’t be writing any blog posts during this time.

I’ll be back for the second half of August, so see you all then.

Have a restful summer, enjoy the sunshine, and go and do something beautiful.



6 Responses to "A very special occasion"

Oh that’s wonderful! Love and best wishes to you both


That’s great. Congratulations. Enjoy your time.

Congratulations! Have a great time.

Great news David. Congratulations.

Hi David,

Congratulations to you and Siona. May your lives be forever blessed!

Enjoy the time off. We’ll be waiting for your return.

Have a wonderful, wonderful time! Will be here when you get back, I will be on vacation at the same time you are!

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