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Creative Inspirations #1: The Artist Child

Posted on: 2 November 2008

Creative inspirations is a new series of inspirational quotations and uplifting photographs to reawaken your inner playfulness and creativity.

The Artist Child


‘All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once she grows up.’ – Pablo Picasso

Some Reflections

I’ve been fortunate to discover blogging and writing as a way of expressing my creative side – to breathe life into my inner child and to refuse to completely grow up.

Have you been able to remain an artist whilst growing up?  How do you express your creative side?

Please share your experiences and ideas in the comments.  I’m excited to hear other people unleash their creativity.

Thanks to ishrona for the photograph.


6 Responses to "Creative Inspirations #1: The Artist Child"

Hi David. I definitely feel that blogging and social media in general has been a strong catalyst to unleash the creative child within, once more!
I think blogging helps, because it’s good practice in creating something from nothing. As an art teacher, my mother used to instruct students to scribble if they felt a creative block. Also subscribing to some creative projects has helped – photography challenges on Flickr, group writing projects etc. Collaboration can really help to nurture that creative streak!

Jasmin Tragas’s last blog post..please update commentluv plugin

Hi Jasmin,

I hadn’t thought about social media as unleashing creativity – but when I think about it, it is amazing what I find on stumble and twitter.

I think I’d really like a ‘scribble pad’ blog to write down any/all my thoughts. I love blogging at, but I have clear boundaries about what I should/shouldn’t post here in terms of ideas and content.

Photography is another brilliant one for me – I love Flickr! Have you read my post, the Colours of Everyday Life?

I’m definitely going to think about subscribing to some group creative projects. To give much needed purpose and direction to my creative thoughts.

Thank you so much Jasmin for your comment, so many ideas you’ve shared.

Hi David,

As I was going through life, and hit some bumpy patches it was causing me to forget about my creative and playful side for a stretch on my path.

I was already journaling, and doing a bit of scrapbooking, but I had a tendency to do things the hard way, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that by blogging is helping me learn to stop and play during those rough roads — and even make the most of those detours.

As Jasmin, mother suggest the scribbling, that’s what I keep reminding myself to learn to do simple little things to stay in touch with my creativity. Because I was certainly blocked for a while — and still am to a large degree.

So it’s the blogging that keeps me doing something — be it with writing — or posting pictures (I’ve even started taking a few pictures, myself, David, because of all the beautiful pictures I’ve encountered on line and get to use in my blog.) Plus I get to express my thoughts on yours and others sites.

I’m a late bloomer, and blogging is helping me to open up! 🙂

Thanks for a great topic.

I forgot to say I am drawing a bit more — but not as much as I want to — the blocks still stifle me a bit. I keep a sketchbook by my bed, but I definitely need to keep scribbling.

Please excuse me, but I forgot to say that there is so much inspiration out here in the ether — that it’s inspiring me to keep doing things. And it makes me question where I would have been if I had done more during those early days, but that’s then and the most important thing for me now — is that I keep doing and learning and growing. That’s what it’s all about!

Blogging is allowing me to encompass all my senses, but I have to learn to keep the blogging and the social networking simple because they can wear you out if it’s overdone. I’m discovering that balance now.


Thank you for all your comments. You have a beautiful and very creative blog. Through being online I’ve also learnt about drawing and photography, although at times I find it difficult to be creative. It takes self discipline more than inspiration.

Blogging can be tiring, especially if you do it everyday. But it’s also brilliant fun, and you meet lots of wonderful people.

All the best in your creative future.


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