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Miniguide #1: How to Make Someone’s Day

Posted on: 14 November 2008

Playful Miniguides: A semi-regular series of simple guides to the art of playful living.

How to Make Someone’s Day

Jump for Joy (by bingbing)


looking at my camera 2 (by Sukanto Debnath)

Smiles are the silent words of angels.  Share your smile today to brighten and inspire the soul of every person you meet.


I wanna hold your hand (by batega)

The internet means that the world is more connected than ever, yet online communication can never replace the real connection that all people hunger for – human touch.  Share this precious gift by giving a hug today

Be present

Both the world around us and the world within us can distract us from being truly present and engaging with the people we love.  Set aside your worries for a moment, turn off the TV, and spend an evening being present with the special people in your life.

Be grateful

Gift of Friendship.. (by Sir Mervs)

Remember to say thank you whenever gratitude is due.


mom laughing (by dieupham206)

Tell a joke, lose your inhibitions, dance around the kitchen.  Laughter is infectious, good for your health, and works wonders  of healing for even the most wounded of souls.


Student and Teacher (by Wonderlane)

Open your soul and your being to others through the art of active listening.


Gift (by Cláudia*~Assad)

Make cookies for your work colleagues, write out your favourite poem for a close friend, whistle a tune whilst you shop, sing a song as you wander down the street.

Share blessings

Happy Ramadhan, Eid Mubarak - ??? ??? ????? (by Hamed Saber)

To give a true blessing, tell another person everything that is wonderful about them.  Write your blessings as a note to give words that can be remembered, held in the soul, and cherished forever.


1 Response to "Miniguide #1: How to Make Someone’s Day"

I love the one on being present, especially when it comes to my kids.

Damien’s last blog post..please update commentluv plugin

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