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Welcome to, the blog that enables you to bring the values of playfulness, creativity and imagination into your everyday life.

Please take a moment to look around. There are blog posts on being playful, tapping into your creative side, self development, and social justice.

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About David is written and edited by David.

David is a part-time student, part-time freelance writer, part-time peace activist, and full-time play maker.

He is married to a beautiful lady called Siona, hasn’t eaten meat for three years (except for one minor disaster in a kebab shop), and rides a folding bicycle.

David can be followed on Twitter, Stumbled on Stumbleupon, Dugg on Digg, and photographed on Flickr.


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7 Responses to "About"

Aloha from Hawai‘i David. I found your new blog by following the comment you had left for Amy Palko this morning, for I so loved what you said there, both about writing and about the craftmanship of conversation.

You are off to a wonderful start here, and I plan on tumbling your article on how we can cause subtle shift in our living with kaizen, for it is a concept I love sharing with my coaching clients as well – you have written a terrific introduction I can point them to, particularly with your inclusions of the butterfly effect and tipping point concepts!

Playfulness (Le‘ale‘a in Hawaiian) is something I know to be good for us, but will admit that I can always use more help with practicing, and so I have picked up your RSS feed eager to learn from you. Mahalo, thank you, for the care you weave here.

Rosa Say’s last blog post..What can a Humble Wave do for you?

Aloha Rosa!

Thanks for stopping by – I’m really glad that you found my blog. I recently discovered Amy Palko, she’s fabulous isn’t she?

I’ve recently been collecting my thoughts about the craftmanship of conversation, and am currently drafting a blog post on the topic, so I hope you’ll enjoy that when I post it.

Thank you for your encouraging words. I’m sure you’re aware how lonely it can feel in the early days of a blog when you’re writing away and not hearing much back. I’ve been blessed with lots of people visiting and lots of response too.

I’m off to check out your blog now, I hope we can stay in touch.


Well done mate – good to see the evidence of my prayers and hope

I just found your blog through flickr. I think your blog is wonderful, very positive and empowering.

Thank you for your site. And insite. It and you are a gift.

[…] that activity – then having good copy matters. We’ve been working with freelance writer David Masters to explore how we can create model activity descriptions which are clear, attractive and engaging. […]

How strange that today I found myself at home today doing designated ‘playing time’ – I am trying to set myself FREE LIFE ASSIGNMENTS at the moment and fulfill them – today’s one was PLAYING (see: But the odd thing was I was looking for information on DOODLING – which is how I came across your site, rather than looking for playing but lo and behold – the world if full of playfulness – I found clowning and artful playing – such fun!!

Am off to pick a little one up from school now . . . . wishing you well with all your spritely, playful antics . . .


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