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Posted on: 19 July 2010

Welcome to Be Playful!

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Your one stop reference guide to all things playful.

Photo by shibainu.


adventure, n. 1. being brave enough to do the things that make your feel alive; 2. everyday life
angels, n. ordinary people
art, n. making something beautiful


bouncy, adj. the word to remember when choosing new chairs, shoes, beds, or carpets
bubbles, vb. ability to float carefree through the world


conversation, n. art involving more than one person.  Often created using words
conflict, n. creativity waiting to happen; the midwife of creativity
creativity, n. being yourself
children, n. playful people
clown, vb. making sensible look silly; turning foolishness to wisdom
celebration, n. playful memory
curiosity, n. 1. remembering to look everywhere for goodness, magic and beauty, even when the world laughs at you for doing so; 2. refusing to accept anything at face value


Photo by D&J Huber.

doodle, vb. 1. the realisation that art can be done by anyone; 2. playful art
delight, vb. the ability to see the wonder in everyday things
dancing, vb. playful movement
danger, n. boredom, blind habit, addiction, workaholism
dream, vb. remembering your true self


everyday, n. opposite of mundane
enchantment, vb. to get lost in wonder


fairy-land, n. 1. the bottom of your garden; 2. anywhere you choose
freedom, n. embracing your limitations as strengths


grace, n. giving and expecting nothing back
gratitude, n. remembering to say thank you


happiness, n. gratitude for being alive
hope, vb. knowing that things always get better
humour, n. knowing that things could always be worse


innocence, n. seeing the light in everyone’s soul


joy, n. the emotion of play
jumping, vb. when standing still is not an option


Photo by striatic.
knitting, vb. weaving together the threads of your life into a beautiful, colourful, unique and playful pattern


listening, vb. grace-full conversation
life, n. one big clowning adventure of artful doodles, magical enchantment, everyday delight, sleepy wonder and risky conflict
laughter, n. the noise of a person fully alive


magic, n. reality


nonsense, n. 1. money; 2. power; 3. violence; 4. common sense


optimism, n. 1. see ‘hope’; 2. see ‘humour’


playfulness, n. a state of being.  Describes what an ideal world would be abundant with
peace, n. the soul of playfulness


Photo by Alorza.

quiet, n. where playful ideas are formed


radiant, n. the countenance of playfulness.  Cannot be acquired through make-up or plastic surgery.
randomness, n. playful order


sleep, n. the most creative place in all the world
social justice, n. the aim of playfulness
sacred space, n. anywhere playful acts are committed
sparkles, n. those little bits of magic that make life special.  Noticed and given away by exceptional people
sunshine, n. the source of sparkles, smiles, stories, dreams and angels
smiles, n. 1. little things that make a big difference; 2. things that make someone else’s day
spontaneity, n. playful planning


tension, n. see conflict


ubuntu, vb. embracing others, helping others to be playful, to live out their dreams and be fully alive


vivacity, vb. waking up after a good night’s sleep
vitality, n. the knowledge that playfulness need have no correlation with being young.  Usually found in older people.


wonder, vb. a sense of awe at the beauty of each human being and the world we live in
work, vb. fulfilling your potential.  Sometimes known as life


excitement, n. early morning feeling at the possibilities that lie ahead
exhilaration, n. felt when fears are confronted, dreams are followed, and adventures are lived


yummy, n. playful food


zippy, adj. speedy without rushing
zany, adj. has something important to say
zigzag, n. playful direction
zing, n. the curiosity, desire and bravery needed to start a creative act

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