Be Playful


There are so many blogs that I love to read, I thought I’d dedicate a whole page to them. If you have a fantastic blog, let me know about it on the contact page, and I’ll check it out.


Skelliewag offers some of the best advice around on writing blog posts that everyone will want to read.

Blogging Without A Blog is beautifully written, always honest, and always helpful.


Giveaway of the Day – free software to download every day.

Bookmooch lets you swap books with readers around the world.


PostSecret was one of the first blogs I ever signed up to. It’s still my favourite.

Cheerful Monk writes concise weekly posts that always make me think.

Lives Less Ordinary is an extraordinary blog for extraordinary people.

Self Development

The Change Blog is the blog that encouraged me to start my own blog and pushes me to pursue my dreams.

The Growing Life is an alternative productivity blog that always makes me smile.


Siona’s Story Corner regularly publishes beautiful new children’s stories with gorgeous pictures.


Write to Done is a new-ish blog with some of the best writing advice you’ll find.

The Writing Journey is a brilliant resource for internet writers.


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