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Pets are expressly banned in our household by decree of our landlord.  Nonetheless, from time to time we are visited by a scruffy brown tabby cat whom we have christened Puss Puss.

If ever she’s feeling lonely, she’ll saunter up to our house, and meow at the door until someone lets her in for a cuddle.


Puss Puss’s carefree manner has taught me a great deal about living the playful life.  In this post, I share what I’ve learnt from our little brown cat friend.

Puss Puss’s philosophy of life is based on five simple maxims:

1. Enjoy the present moment


Puss Puss knows how to have fun here and now.  Whether she’s pouncing on blades of grass, chasing butterflies or playing tag with her moggy friends, she knows that now is the best time to be making the most of.

Whatever is happening around her, Puss Puss looks out for opportunities to have fun.

2. Nurture your quirks


Puss Puss has a  squirrel style fluffy tail.  Because the rest of her coat is sleek and smooth, it makes her look lopsided and unbalanced.  It also takes a disproportionate amount of time to lick clean compared to the rest of her body; yet Puss Puss gives her tail the extra licking time and attention it needs.

Our strangenesses and weaknesses, the places where we feel the most wounded, need care and attention.  It is these places that are also our wellsprings of life, beauty and creativity.

Puss Puss’s tail, though seeming odd and out of place, is what makes her unique.   It is strange, but also strangely beautiful.

3. Spend time sitting in the sunshine

Puss Puss intuitively understands that the sun is good for you.  Being outside in the sunshine is a recipe for happiness.  If somewhere is warm and sunny, Puss Puss will be there lounging.

Sunshine is a different thing for every person.  For some, it’s reading inspiring books.  Others, it’s spending time at the local art gallery.  Swimming, meditating, walking in the countryside, or a regular afternoon nap.  My parent’s dog, for example, loves lying down by their open log fire, absorbing its gentle warmth.

Whatever helps you unwind – remember to give that thing the time it deserves.

4. Follow your spirit

Puss Puss is a carefree wanderer.  She doesn’t really know what she wants from life yet, she has no clear goals, so she follows her spirit.  She intuitively feels her way through every moment of every day.

This means she has the time to follow opportunities and chase down hunches.  Most of all, though, she can simply have fun and learn about being herself.

Mice are pretty cool to chase.  And little birds.  Sometimes it’s amusing just to pounce on the lawn, not aiming at anything in particular, just practicing the silent power launch, the claw swipe and the sharp toothed jaw grab.

5. Expect love to come your way


Most of her time Puss Puss spends away from our house.  Yet everytime she turns up, she has the confidence to trust that if we are around, we will let her in for fuss, attention, and the occasional free meal.
Puss Puss knows that given the opportunity to flourish and be who they really are, all people deep down have the capacity to be loving and caring.  She trusts that if she shares her love with the world by being her true self, love will be returned to her.


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