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Photo by Cyron.

Play is a colour-full activity.  It abounds with sparkles of delight and paintbrush strokes of joy.

In response to a comment on my blog, I once said that I really enjoy looking through flickr  to find pictures for my blog posts.   Since then I’ve started uploading my own photos onto flickr, sharing them with the world for others to enjoy.

Taking Photographs

Photo by rainey.

Taking photos is a great way to notice the everyday magic that is all around you.  Looking for shapes and colours, you begin to see the world you inhabit from day-to-day in a completely new way.

For me, the most exciting part of taking photos is editing them.  Cameras don’t always take the exact picture you wanted, and editing can help you bring out colours, give the photo a nostalgic feel, or choose exactly which parts of the photo you want to stay in the picture.

Playful Editing

I’ve learnt editing playfully – through trial and error.  Learning very basic editing techniques can completely transform a picture.

Editing also gives you the time to notice the extra special things in your photo that you may not have noticed when taking them – if you’ve got a spare moment, read the (very) short story behind the photograph at the top of this blog post.

For the amazing difference that a simple edit can make, look at the difference between these two photos taken by a friend of mine on flickr.

This is before editing:

And this is after editing:
Thanks to sunbeam daisy for giving me permission to use her photographs.

Just as extra colour can bring photos to life, extra colour can also bring a person to life, helping them to embrace the world in new ways and to feel more fully alive.

Taking photos has added colour and creativity to my everyday life.

Your Thoughts

How do you bring out the colour in your everyday life?

What’s colourful about your personality? Which aspects of your life would you like to make more colourful?

If you have a flickr account, or if you’re inspired to set one up and share your pictures with the world, please feel free to add me as a contact.


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