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Bring out your inner pirate in the search for buried treasure.

One of my favourite toys as I was growing up was my brother’s pirate Lego. He had pirate ships with working cannons, numerous islands with secret caves and trap doors, parrots, monkeys, muskets, wooden legs, and most of important of all: buried treasure.

We would spend many a happy hour pitching the ‘baddy’ pirates against the ‘goody’ English navy. Needless to say, the pirates always won, and came away with more treasure that they had plundered in battle.

When bored at school, I also used to pass the time in daydreams, drawing pirate maps on scraps on paper: treasure islands with swamps, jungles, and mountains, and an X to mark the spot.

I have grown up to be a bit of a pirate. I love looking for treasure albeit no longer on treasure islands. Where then do I find my treasure today?

In other people

Every person you meet has a story to tell, the dreams that have come true, their dreams that have died, the fears that plague them, the rhythms of inner joy and peace or hatred and loss that mark their face. Each has treasure within their soul to share if only we would have the courage and take the time to stop and listen.

It is often the people that we spend the most time with, or that we love the most, that we forget to keep searching for the treasure within them.

Sometimes finding treasure in others means braving some stormy seas or searching through dark caves: getting to know another person’s true self is rarely an easy journey.

Photo by angela7dreams.

In myself

When I take the time to pause and think, to truly engage the world around me with my inner being, I am always left in wonder in the creativity and playfulness that resounds from within me.

Of course, there are times when I stop and listen to my soul, and all I can hear are my fears. However, if I did not stop and listen to my fears I would not be able to face them and move on.

In cyberspace

So many blogs promise great treasure – ‘the true X that marks the spot is here’ they all shout, vying for our attention. It is true that many blogs are great treasure troves – far too many for a single person to explore.

Despite this, many blogs make false promises, offer false dreams, or give easy answers that can prevent us from truly living.

There is so much treasure online that it can be overwhelming. It is tempting to merely skim the outskirts of all the beauty, and never engage with it properly, missing out on all that it could bring to our lives.

Find the blogs that echo with your soul, join in with the conversation there, and your life will be all the more beautiful for it.


So often, especially for the majority of us who live in urban space, it is possible to live day to day without a passing glance at the natural world. Yet even in cities, nature surrounds us.

My girlfriend Siona loves looking for the ruptures of nature in the inner city. Recently she has taken great delight in watching a snail sneak through the city streets, spotting a woodpecker in the park, and making jewellery with daisies.

Being creative

Photo by tao zhyn.

As a university student I have found it helpful to understand my studying as the search for buried treasure. It is an adventure with many dead-ends and false leads, but also celebration when the gem is found that is perfect for my latest essay.

Your thoughts

Have you ever made a discovery that was like digging up buried treasure? The story of a loved one, or a new recipe, or a second hand book that no-one’s heard of, but that changed who you are?


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