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‘The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.’
John Vance Cheney

Rainbow Guard (by linh.ngân)

A rainbow is formed where sun rays and raindrops meet.

Life is a lot like a rainbow – a mixture of rain and sunshine.  At any one moment in time, some aspects of life can be going wonderfully, whilst others seem stuck in a rut of pain, doubt or fear.

Rainbows are magical spaces of growth and opportunity.

In Norse mythology, rainbows were believed to be the road between gods and human beings.  Rainbows represent a meeting point with the sacred, a place of transformation.

Indian mythology understands rainbows as the bridge between death and life.  When our soul-life deadens within us, we journey along the rainbow to be revived and refreshed.

The well known Irish story is of a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.  Rainbows in the soul are a sign of inner riches we have yet to find.

The Bible story of Noah tells us that the rainbow is a symbol of God’s blessing.  The complexity of rain and sunshine, pain and wonder, light and darkness fused within the human soul are the sign of a life being truly lived.

When life seems both dangerous and beautiful, cloudy and clear, abundant and scarce – when all of these feelings lighten and darken our soul at once – let us remember the wonder of rainbow blessing, the truths that nature shares.


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