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Being playfully minded, I was slightly shocked when reading an article by Simon Parke, one of my favourite writers, I came across the following words:

‘The truth is this: life is work.’

Curious, I read on:

‘The two are not separate, but one. Chatting to a friend, collecting the children, having sex, attending a funeral, cleaning the floor, going on holiday, doing the shopping, singing a hymn, building a wall — all these things are work. Each requires an effort on our part — the effort to be present.’

In rest of the article Simon Parke debunks the notion of the work-life balance. According to Parke, life is work and work is life.

Work is life. Work is beautiful, human, creative, life-affirming, life-giving, wonderful action. It is doing the things that allow you to be and become all that you can be – and being present in those things.

Life is work. Imagine the impact on friendships, relationships, marriages, families and communities if it was realised that these need to be constantly worked on and crafted to make them into beautiful creations.


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Once this is realised, that work is life and that life is work, our attitude to work changes. Work is no longer something that we have to do to earn money for living, but is living itself. Work creates and transforms who I am, what I am, my identity and my way of being in the world.

Creativity in our work then increases. Ideas can be pursued playfully, because they capture who we are or make us feel alive. We no longer need to fear getting things wrong or making mistakes, safe in the knowledge that much of what is good and beautiful in the world today began as a mistake – before being transformed and redeemed.


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The last words should go to Parke:

‘Personal experience tells us, being present, being alive to this particular moment, being free from both history and future imaginings — this is the hardest work of all.’

Does your work help you to feel fully alive? Does it affirm who you are and put you on the path to who you want to become?


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